Paragliding is the simplest and purest form of flying there is and it is one of the famous adventure sports in Nepal and famous spot is in Sarangkot, Pokhara. If you have few days remaining after your lifetime experience trekking trip in Nepal,  paragliding is one of the adventure tour in Nepal that you should do while travelling in Pokhara. Whether you dream of soaring above the Himalaya, or taking your canopy on holiday with you to explore exotic locations from the air. Tandem paragliding is a whole new way to see the world –No motor, no noise, just the wind in your ears and an incredible feeling of flying in a completely free way.

Imagine soaring over magnificent peaks, glaciers and valleys with nothing between your boots and the ground but clear air. Tandem paragliding gives sightseeing a brand new meaning:

  • The views are beyond compare!
  • The thrill of free flight beats the faris wheel by a country mile!
  • This is excitement and fun you can really talk about back home.

The inflatable wind that suspends you and your pilot/instructor is ultra ahi-tech material that unfolds from a backpack. After launching, you ride comfortably in a specially designed harness that holds you in place while your pilot flys the wing. You fly with confidence knowing that you have a fully qualified and rated tandem/instructor pilot .

After a pre-flight brefing on paragliding and what you are about to experience , you are coached on how to work with your pilot to launch and land successfully. Once in the air you can relax and enjoy the view and commentary from your pilot.

Bring your videw or still camera. These pictures will really get them talking when you get home again.. Andthey might even convince you to come and do the whole Paraglider course, if your Tandem Paraglider flight didn’t already!

The cost of paragliding and it's packageg price is as belows: